About us

IPC, London is part of worldwide fellowship of the India Pentecostal Church of God. This classical Pentecostal denomination was originated in Kerala, South India in 1924. Pastor K. E. Abraham, who was a school teacher read about the baptism in the Holy Spirit in a gospel literature written by some of the American Pentecostal missionaries. Soon he had the experience of baptism in the Spirit, which led to the establishment of an indigenous Pentecostal movement in Kerala. Soon, the movement grew and spread to the neighboring states and became the largest indigenous Pentecostal movement in India. In the following years IPC churches were established in several nations of the world. Now IPC has more than 8000 local congregations worldwide.
The London congregation of IPC was established by the initiative of the IPC UK and Ireland region leadership. Pastor Jacob George (president of the region) inaugurated the church in December 2010, in the presence of Pastor Babu Zachariah and Pastor Babu John. The worship services initially started in Southall and a few months later it was relocated to Hounslow, London Borough of Middlesex. Along with the region’s leaders, Brother K. T. Thomas and Brother Thomaskutty Kunjachan give eminent leadership for the congregation from its inception. We believe that the Lord has placed this local congregation in a strategic location to impact the greater city of London with the gospel. Our activities focus on enriching and equipping the people of God through the study of the Word of God and reliance upon the power of the Holy Spirit.
You are welcome to join us. Learn more about us from the site and do not hesitate to contact us.

Loving God. Loving People.


Pastor’s Message

We all live in a rapidly changing world. The changes are not only swift, but it is also more visible than ever before. New models of electronic gadgets, automobile, textiles and so on appear in the market on a daily basis. In today’s market driven society the demands for commodities and services are on constant rise. However, the deluge of products has redefined the purpose and meaning of life. In a way, human existence has been reduced to production and consumption of goods. Consequently, it has suppressed the deeper significance of humanity. Therefore, changes and developments detached from the meaning of human existence are counterproductive. Moral degradation, escalation of violence, intolerance and hatred are on hike day by day. Many of the values that paved the foundations of robust societies of the past are mitigated by toxic ideologies and perilous practices. Human’s natural instincts for love, relationships, acceptance and hope are all now defined in terms of economic factors rather than moral and ethical values.

The Church exists to bear witness to the teachings and practices of Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the world. Jesus did not establish a religion but presented a way of life that directs people to God. He accepted people irrespective of their ethnic, social, economic backgrounds. He taught his followers not only to relinquish violence but also to go one step ahead to love their enemies and pray for those who persecute them. He invited everyone to follow him not to establish another religion but to transform the world through charity. Moreover, he offered eternal life to those who believe in him. Eternal life is not merely a reality of longevity of one’s life after death but quality of life that is enriched by a right relationship with the creator. His final command to his disciples was to make disciples of all people groups (nations, ethenos) baptize them and teach them all that he has commanded. Being a disciple of Jesus is thus to lead a meaningful life. It sets our priorities right. A disciple of Jesus is not driven by the materialistic values of the consumer society but the one who is transformed by the grace that is freely available from God and they in turn become agents of change in the society. A personal relationship with Jesus adds more meaning to life. If you are struggling to find meaning and purpose for your life contact us. We are happy to travel with you in your quest for a meaningful living.

Pastor Thomas Samuel.